Announcements Thread


Sent August 16th, 2018:

  1. We have a Discourse forum now! You can introduce yourself at Introduce yourself here!. The forum is a space for you to post about personal projects and ask questions without fear of the messages being lost to Slack’s 10,000 message history cap.

  2. Very excited to share the second episode of the #podcast, hosted and edited by @Bill: How a self-taught developer landed a software engineering job in 6 months. In this episode, @Radhika Morabia reveals how she landed her first engineering job without any formal education, and has some inspiring advice. LISTEN NOW: and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more stories!

If you’ve got ideas for future episodes or members of the community you’d like to see interviewed, please respond to this thread: Podcast Episode Ideas



  • announce the “flag this message” feature built into Bill’s buddybot


  • announce some personal/open source projects people have been working on and how to contribute if desired
  • announce active study groups and how to join them


  • announce the new CB Connect after it is coded
    [ ] Clean up issues for Hacktoberfest
    [ ] edit Gaurav code walkthrough (how he coded the schedule-a-hangout-from-slack!) interview from Wednesday night
    [ ] edit four hours of videos re: code walkthroughs and intro to contributing to open source (thanks to Julian for proposing the idea/helping out, distalx, Justin, Danny, Carlos, and Sonam) that we recorded last weekend and tonight
    [ ] send out announcement about the new release Gaurav and Peoray contributed to!
    [ ] manually connect some folks who filled out recently
    [ ] edit and publish Medium post feat. Gaurav

[X] make a gif featuring the schedule-hangout-from-Slack feature
[X] help wuworkshop start drafting newsletter
[X] Release the schedule-hangout-from-Slack feature to prod (includes updating API keys and Slack app URL)

  • announce upgraded CoC (@peoray)
  • announce the feature Gaurav worked on that lets people schedule hangouts directly from Slack!
  • announce new site release (after writing up release notes for 1.2) (DONE)
  • announce Buy Me A Coffee and Patreon feature that supports hangout organizers (DONE)
  • announce “external link” feature that lets users link to a YouTube, Zoom, or Twitch livestream instead of using the default (DONE)
  • announce scaling fireside chat video (after editing) (DONE)
  • announce Olivia interview video (after finalizing with her/final edits) (DONE)


A few quick announcements:

  1. You can now set up :coffee: buymeacoffee, Patreon, and non-profit cause links on your profile when you log in to After a hangout is over, participants will see links to buy you a coffee (or donate to your favorite non-profit) if they want to. :clap: @distalx for the PR for this feature!

  2. Don’t want to use the default Jitsi hangout embedded on a hangout page? now supports external hangout links, so you can point users directly to Google Hangouts, Zoom, YouTube Livestream or Twitch etc. when you schedule a hangout without asking them to RSVP.

  3. If you haven’t yet, introduce yourself in our new forum at Introduce yourself here!! Unlike the messages in #introduce-yourself, these are less ephemeral.

  4. Recently @charlie, @jkt, and @kylegalbraith recorded a fireside chat about scaling web applications. Check out the resources they discuss and link to at! (Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more developer stories and recorded advice coming soon! We need to get to 100.)

  5. The release notes for the latest 1.2 release are live! Many thanks to the contributors to this release: @peoray, @sebbel, @praveeno, @sendmebiscuits, @billglover, @linda, @distalx, @Connie, @gauravchl, @titchimoto, and @d3vild06. You can read the full release notes about all the new features and bug fixes here, including some exciting NEXT UP features:

Thanks everyone for helping each other in the community. This project thrives thanks to the generosity of our members, Slack admin moderators, GitHub code contributors, self-appointed mentors and knowledge sharers, and donations on our Open Collective. More news coming soon.


Hey all — really excited to share this interview with @olivia that we recorded in July. She started learning to code in 2014 and now works as an information security engineer at Mapbox, while balancing being a meetup organizer and serving in the National Guard.

She shares some REALLY useful advice about building a community around yourself while you’re learning, how to get into information security (hint: the industry needs you!), specific advice to college students as well as personal productivity tips to live well and balance all of your goals. Watch the interview here and check out the description to jump around questions and check out the resources she mentions:

PS If you want to share your developer story or help produce an episode by interviewing someone yourself, please check out the #podcast channel or post in Podcast Episode Ideas!


Hi @everyone! Two quick announcements:
You can now schedule a hangout on directly from Slack!
Say hello to @cb_jarvis! Type: @cb_jarvis help to learn more. :clap: to Gaurav, who submitted the PR for this feature. You can read about how he implemented this Slack integration at!

> I got the idea when I was trying to schedule a hangout from a mobile device. It was not a very good experience. You had to open the browser, go to CodeBuddies, and sign in using Slack even when you were already signed into the Slack mobile app. There were a number of additional steps which can be annoying to follow. So I thought it would be much easier to open up Slack and ping a bot.

Since the CodeBuddies project was started in 2014, hangouts have been a space for people around the world to meet and learn/study/discuss code together, so we’re really excited that this bot is allowing folks to create hangouts more easily… directly from Slack :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve updated our Slack Code of Conduct
Please check out, which includes updated guidelines for where to post promotional posts. Thanks to @peoray for working on this PR!