Bill Glover, London


Name: Bill
Location: London
Experience: 12 years in tech working on systems design, build and operations – everything but code.
Interests: Go, 中文, Kubernetes, Hosting

What I can offer:
I’m always available to take questions or have a conversation on any topic. It is highly unlikely that I’ll have an answer, but I enjoy helping people figure it out. I’m hoping that whilst I’ve never really considered myself a developer, my time/experience in the industry can be put to good use and others can draw on that experience. If you have a question, or would like to talk then please get in touch.

What I am after:
Motivation to keep coding, friendly banter, a global community and a place where self learning, discovery and interest thrive. On a technical level, I’m looking to continue building experience with Go, Kubernetes and Serverless. I’d also like to improve my writing skills and maybe, one day, host a podcast.

Twitter: @BillGlover