Blog Post: What I learned at #SustainOSS 2018 in London


These are most of my notes/photos/reflections from an unconference about the sustainability of open source projects.

I may edit more after getting some sleep. Feedback welcome.


I really like the blog post; a mix of conference summary, personal take-aways, things that make me want to join the debate and of course the request for involvement at the end.

If you were going to edit it (I honestly don’t think you need to), consider clarifying what you want from people contacting you. I’m not sure if you are offering to try and make the connections, produce the videos, or coordinate the effort. The Google form makes this a lot clearer but seeing if you can bring this into the post might help getting people to click through.


Thanks so much for your great feedback, Bill! Helped me edit the post tonight, and now I feel more comfortable sharing it more widely. :slight_smile:


Oh no, my apologies for tweeting the link. I had not realised it wasn’t yet a public post.


lol it was completely public; I meant sharing it out on my own Facebook/Twitter etc. Thanks for tweeting it out! It was flattering.