C++; Visual Studio; 'symlinks' don't seem to be quite working for me, please help


I’m trying to get two different projects to access the same ‘.txt’ file. I’ve seen that a way to do this is to use ‘symlinks’. The instructions were to right-click the Solution Explorer>‘add’>‘add existing item’>then choose the file you want to add from your computer’s hard-drive, in this case the ‘slow_words.txt’ file seen in the PNG attached. ‘slow_words.txt’ originally belongs to ‘project_1’, but I’m trying to access it in ‘project_2’ (you may see somewhere that ‘project_2’ 's real name is ‘arrange’, but that doesn’t matter). It worked in-so-far as I can change the name of the ‘.txt’ file in ‘project_2’ and also modify its contents by editing them through the Solution Explorer tab Visual Studio provides for ‘slow_words.txt’ within ‘project_2’. But what I can’t do is read-in the contents of ‘slow_words.txt’ into ‘main’ of ‘project_2’ using the code displayed in the PNG; I just get the console-display show in this imgur link ‘console picture’ (the zero displayed in that picture is the output of the instruction in ‘main’ of ‘project_2’ to display the ‘size’ of the vector ‘hold’, as show in the attached PNG). Please help.

The project displayed in the PNG is ‘project_2’.