Can anyone look at my html/css? I can't get a graph/grid background


Hi all,
I am at my wits’ end on this. I want to re do my personal website. I can’t seem to get the background css page to load on my page.
// Colors
$bg-color: hsl(256,33,10);
$dot-color: hsl(256,33,70);

// Dimensions
$dot-size: 1px;
$dot-space: 22px;

body {
linear-gradient(90deg, $bg-color ($dot-space - $dot-size), transparent 1%) center,
linear-gradient($bg-color ($dot-space - $dot-size), transparent 1%) center,
background-size: $dot-space $dot-space;
I have a feeling it has to do with my directory structure on my pc.

Thanks for any help.


Hello! At a first glance, if this supposed to be pure CSS, you’re not using CSS variables correctly. :thinking: Have a look at some documentation e.g. :wink:

Otherwise, if this is not pure CSS, but rather its representation in another language, you have to be more specific and give more details in you question. :slight_smile: