Competitive Programming, and interview prep Partners


This is Sruthika, I am an Python programmer and a Flutter App developer from India.
I’d like to collab with college students like me for competitive programming contests and my aim is to grow together as a team. I want people who are persistent and open-minded to explore new technologies and hackathons together.


Interested in collaborating in learning Python for coding Interview DS Algo


I’m interested! You can consider joining my new group:

I’m hoping to expand it to find more people who are looking to improve in competitive programming!


Hey, Great yaar, do mail me at:


Yes, I’ll join :slight_smile: Let’s get started right away… Also, May I know whether you are participating in CodeJam? Just Curious:)


Haha, I want to actually! but still need to brush up on my knowledge on data structures and algorithms first :slight_smile:
I actually joined a data structures and algorithms course that is starting in a week’s time, apparently it’ll cover quite a bit of content until graph theory. Not sure if you’re interested in joining? :smiley: