Does anyone build non template websites anymore?


I’m new here and I am loathe to introduce myself by immediately asking for help; but I’m hitting a wall; hard… and could do with some help.

I’ve been trying to weeks to try to get a project off the ground that isn’t your stock ‘rinse and repeat’ website.

I would like to take advantage of some of the stability and or security protocols that comes from a WP site, but not one of the templates I’ve seen comes close to being able to handle our dbase in a way that makes sense.

Likely, our biggest problem is budget. Otherwise we could go to IBM and get it done in a matter of weeks.

That being said if their project is able to get off the ground there is the possibility of this being a long term partnership where regular monthly income would be generated.

If anyone out there has any ideas or could in fact help I’d love to hear from you.



Hi I have worked with wordpress in the past and there are limitations - especially if you want to some more interactive GUI work.

It would be good to understand a little more about

  1. How different is the data you are wanting to use
  2. How much of the wordpress functionality will you need (admin/ posts etc)

Looks like your options would be

  1. Modify wordpress (I have done this before, but it is not allways a good idea)
  2. Create a custom app in node.js or react / node.js (working with someone that can show you something they have done that is ismilar)
  3. Use a hybrid approach wordpress plus additional front end components in something like react or node.js or straight html .js

Wordpress is really designed to work with the wordpress data-structure in the past I have created custom post types and other custom field using various plugins but it could turn into a bit of a mess.

In the hybrid approach you could use some of the wordpress functionality and also either creates a standalone app for the extra stuff or make all the gui in another app and just use wordpress for the backend If it was that way then the GUI could be designed in react which would give alot of flexibility. (but sound like your data wont work in the wordpress schema)

Currently I am finishing v1 of an app (from the ground up) using react and node.js frameworks, the app features login and logout and the ability for people to create documents using a drag and drop interface.

I may be able to help for a reasonable price as I am a little hamstrung with permi jobs at the moment (waiting on paperwork as I am in Norway).