Flashcards for Developers


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Personal Project
I’ve been working on this small site Flashcards for Developers that contains a collection of flashcards on some of the more common topics of frontend development. I started this project because it was always frustrating to forget just some basic concepts in development and I’ve been using flashcards to keep my grasp on these concepts sharp. This inspiration also came from tools like Anki or this flashcard mini-site.

I’m working on adding new topics and new features. If you have any suggestions, they would be definitely welcomed. I’m also thinking of setting up a study group if you are interested.

It is made in React using create-react-app which is a super handy tool for React apps and the flashcards are provided by Airtable’s API.

Source code

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I love this project. Thinking out loud: how difficult would it be to port it over to mobile so that I could download it as an Android or iOS app? (Maybe using React Native?)

Also, what would the study group entail? :stuck_out_tongue: An hour of silent study where everyone would screenshare as they work through the flashcards, to hold each other accountable? Or maybe practice and discussion on a specific set of interview questions from a deck?


Hey @linda! Sorry for the late response. It would require more bandwidth than I have at the moment to build a mobile version. However, I am looking at supporting a progress web app as a solution which will hopefully be a good in-between.

The study group would simply share study results and progress on a regular basis. Doesn’t have to be in person. Additionally, I could see sharing and creating cards together. Open to ideas!