Help a college student by answering 10 questions


Hello so I was supposed to interview someone who is in my desired career field (programmer) and the person who I was going to kept putting me off. Now I have a paper about the interview due tomorrow at 12pm est. If anyone could answer a simple set of 10 questions I would be eternally grateful.

  1.   How long have you been a programmer?
  2.  How did you become interested in this career?
  3.  What is your educational background?
  4.  Was your education adequate or were there areas in which you needed additional training?
  5.  What do you like most about your work?
  6.  What would you change about your job if you had the opportunity?
  7.  What skills do you wish you possessed when you started this job?
  8.  What tasks does a typical workday consist of for you?
  9.  What advice would you give someone starting out in this field?
  10. Is there any other information you believe would be helpful?