How did you find CodeBuddies?


For me, it was because I was looking for some help with MongoDB in some slack. And someone replied back with the link to the CB’s slack.


MongoDB help, nice. And you ended up getting certified in it, right? I found it because the domain name for codeplusplus was taken.


If we are talking about the forum, then I’m not even sure. I think it was after I joined Slack and then I probably google’d CodeBuddies assuming they had a web-presence beyond the Slack and then I found the website. I think that was how it happened.


I prefer CodeBuddies. :+1:


Genuinely have no idea. I found it about the time I was looking into resources regarding mentorship and coaching for those starting out in their careers in tech. Couldn’t say who or what tipped me the reference.


I needed help on how to turn existing parallel JS API code into serial JS API code and I found Linda on twitter who works here and I signed up on slack.


Google coding partners, top result. The SEO of codebuddies is pretty nice.