HTTP Request Conundrum


I am an http neophyte, trying to use Excel vba code to get data from a website. I’ve got the basics (i.e., can send a request and get a valid response from the server), but need help with two things…

No. 1: at
I am sending a request to ‘download data’ per the link above the right-most column of data on that page. However, before I download I want to set the “Time Period” to the maximum for that stock (i.e., “Max” is an option once you click on “Time Period”). How can I do this before/during my request to download the data?

No. 2: at
I would like to extract the value after “Annual Report Expense Ratio (net)” (which is 0.09% in this case). I have no idea how to do this, so any help would be appreciated.


You posted this way before I even join codebuddies but I am up for the challenge if you have anything.