I N.E.E.D C++ Partner


It’s so f*^king boring.
Demotivation lvl: -100%

I need a C++ partner that would like to learn C++ with me.

I’m at Classes, structs & more complex variable declarations (static, const, size_t, etc), and meh in points and references still don’t understand shit bout them.
and personally, i don’t care where you are, i’ll help you all the way to my level if you’re not here yet, i just want you to be passionate to learn C++ and WILL work with me, cuz like bruh, what’s the point.

I use Gitpod (online VS code copy) it’s free. It can do team collab’s n shit like that so yea, hmu.

Replit: replit.com/@iDracula
Github: github.com/xArmad
I’ll give you my discord when I remember it, but send me a dm in replit (like comment on 1 of my projects) and then yea, i’ll give u it.

Please, please. PLEASE, i’m boredddddd. I’m 15, u can be 60, ion care, hmu.


my email: rocky200666@gmail.com <-- for old mf’s or lazy hoes


don’t worry, we can do it together if you are ready.


yess, i’m down, hmu on discord: armad_i#0001
(don’t have any other socials) and also don’t be professional with me, talk with me normally, cuz ion like ppl talking like “greetings! nice morning” and all that bs lmfao. nothing personal just not comfortable.