I N.E.E.D C++ Partner


It’s so f*^king boring.
Demotivation lvl: -100%

I need a C++ partner that would like to learn C++ with me.

I’m at Classes, structs & more complex variable declarations (static, const, size_t, etc), and meh in points and references still don’t understand shit bout them.
and personally, i don’t care where you are, i’ll help you all the way to my level if you’re not here yet, i just want you to be passionate to learn C++ and WILL work with me, cuz like bruh, what’s the point.

I use Gitpod (online VS code copy) it’s free. It can do team collab’s n shit like that so yea, hmu.

Replit: replit.com/@iDracula
Github: github.com/xArmad
I’ll give you my discord when I remember it, but send me a dm in replit (like comment on 1 of my projects) and then yea, i’ll give u it.

Please, please. PLEASE, i’m boredddddd. I’m 15, u can be 60, ion care, hmu.


my email: rocky200666@gmail.com <-- for old mf’s or lazy hoes