I want codebuddies: 6 month - FT 12 months Javascript Experience?


Look for one or two people that I can work on their project say 1 day a week. In return I would like them to work on mine. Hopefully we can both learn and help each other.

My Stack
mongo / express

Been learning for around 12 months. My project involves the above technologies and is a web application that allows users to log in and create a mind map type document with a drag and drop interface.



Im trying to build my portfolio and looking to createa full web-stack app , Im also looking to contribute to any existing proyects. Message me if interested , thanks


I don’t mind helping you with your project, let’s see how we can collaborate… -aK>


Hi abiyek

Please contact me if your still interested my email is jimmyyukka@gmail.com


Hi Tony - still interested?

email me jimmyyukka@gmail.com