Introduce yourself here!


Name: Chris

Location: New York

Architecture - SOA, REST, gRPC, Single Page Applications
Devops - Chef, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
Programming - Go, Java, Ruby, JS

Interests: concurrency in Go, serverless applications, how newer engineers find their first job, forming a team, finding good people to work with

What I can offer:
My googling skills. :smile: Making software is difficult even if you have been working in the industry for a while. The goalposts keep moving on what is a “good” application. Consider me a person you can come to for help/advice on software in general. If you have a specific problem ping me on slack and we can talk about it. If you are in NYC invite me for a coffee, I love coffee, and pull from my experience what you want. I am here to lend what I can so that this community get’s better together.

What I am after:
I usually don’t stick around in online communities too long since I have trouble connecting with people through text, and I get energy from helping people. So CB is uniquely able to provide that as this has been a very warm and welcoming community of people who want to get better at something I love to do.

In a less abstract fashion, I want to collaborate with talented people on interesting projects. At some point, I will even get around to deploying a fleshed out side project. :smile: I think the opportunity to try podcasting is the most intriguing thing at the moment.

Twitter: @cbelsole

Thanks for the format @Bill


Name: Linda

Location: Berkeley, CA

Programming - HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, a bit of Python, Django, SQL, Meteor

I used to work for a progressive/political non-profit doing analytics and A/B testing, and now I’m a developer at I studied Economics and Public Policy in college.

Interests: I really enjoy learning with/from other people! Especially people with similar learning goals who join randomly from around the world. Hangouts are the best. I should start scheduling them on again…

Outside of coding, I like editing videos, playing violin, watching movies and parkour videos, and arranging music. On my bucket list: jumping over a fence parkour-style, composing epic trailer music in the style of Two Steps From Hell, and writing scifi.

What I can offer: I’ve mentored a lot of junior developers/first PR coders on web dev and git, etc. in various meetups/events/hangouts as a volunteer over the years. I don’t consider myself a great programmer, but I love it when I solve a bug that fixes a pressing issue, and I love seeing the lightbulb go off in people’s eyes when I help them solve something they got stuck on. I initially got interested in learning to code back in 2011 because I wanted to build sites that connected students working on meaningful projects (civic tech and volunteerism).

What I am after:
I want to find time to improve my algorithms and object-oriented programming skills. For CB itself, I want to continue to work on fun projects like editing YouTube videos that highlight developer stories, and finish automating CB Connect, including building up a list of reputable open-source projects that people looking for projects can contribute to. I hope the project will reach its four goals defined in

In general, I just want to continue to work on meaningful projects (projects that have an impact/help people). And grow as a person/get past my weaknesses and fears.

Twitter: @lpnotes

Announcements Thread

Hi everyone! I’m Kyle and I have been programming for about 7 years and have had all kinds of positions in companies from QA Engineer, Tech Lead, Manager, and I am currently a Consultant.

I am here on CodeBuddies to help anybody that might need help learning to code. I also specialize in the Cloud, I even wrote a book about how to learn it, so feel free to ask me questions outside of coding as well. Essentially I am a resource to help anywhere I can.

But I am also here to learn as well, if your not learning your falling behind so I will be sure to ask any questions as I have them as well.


Hello everyone!

I’m Roberto. I’m a full-stack software engineer based out of Denver, CO. I’m a big fan of Javascript (back and front-end). I’ve worked in a variety of languages and technologies including PHP, Ruby on Rails, SQL, NoSQL and of course the usual suspects, Angular 1.x, React & Vue.

I have over 12 years of IT experience from operations to management. I’m passionate about the web, people and :pizza:

I’m here to learn and grow and find opportunities to give back to this wonderful community. I love teaching and mentoring so ask away!

You can find me on the interweb here:


Announcements Thread

Hi everyone, I’m Dominic.

My current skills are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a bit of Python. I’m hoping to extend my Python skills and start learning a JS framework soon.

I’m studying for an Open Degree at the Open University, with a focus on Computing and Economics.

I really enjoy participating in collaborative projects on the internet and getting involved in coding communities. I have a particular interest in creative coding, data visualisation, cryptocurrency and decentralised systems, and also improving the culture and diversity of the tech industry.

I’m hoping to contribute to more open source projects in the future.

I co-organise the #ArtTechChat Twitter chat.

Twitter: @DominicDuffin1


Welcome to CodeBuddies. I’m curious about #ArtTechChat. I had a quick look and it appears to be a coordinated conversation around creative coding. I’ve always struggled to follow longer running conversations on Twitter so I wonder if I’ve been missing something. Would love to hear more.


Thank you for your interest, Bill! You’re right, #ArtTechChat is a coordinated conversation including creative coding! We cover a broad range of topics relevant to art, design and technology. The chat takes place on Sundays at 1PM New York time with a different topic each week. We post some questions during the hour to start conversations going. Do join us if you’re interested! There’ll be a poll going out later today to decide this week’s topic.


What are your current skills, and what skills are you hoping to improve?
Name: Ben

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Programming: (Beginner) Python, HTML, IT
Other: Customer Service, C-Suite skills, Management, Fundraising, Marketing, Google Apps integrations.

I’m a PC building enthusiast and former theatrical/web series producer who fell back in love with computers 4-5 ago when I started creating an entire production office through the google app cloud services. I like the freedom and challenge in code and how it keeps me mentally stimulated. I’m a 10+ year business owner looking to explore a new career! While I have BAs in Communication and Theater Arts, I’ve gone back to MOOCs to study code (enrolled in Google IT Cert) and business. I’ve done well in sales, training, and customer service roles.

Interests: I’ve been an inventor since I was 5-6 years old–I love creating. I love learning and helping others. I’m on google almost all the time, when not at my other job.

Learning for me is a professional pursuit, but also a hobby. I enjoy history, especially 20th century. Iron Maiden and Queen are some of my favorite bands of all time.

What I can offer:
I’m a great researcher. I spend hours and hours looking things up for other people. I’m also comfortable in the PC Building enthusiast communities on Reddit. If you need advice on a business idea or proposal behind an app, I’m happy to help, too!

What am I after:
The big downside of working out code on my own is the isolation, and I get energy being a part of, and sharing my projects with, all of you. I’m looking to meet people for studying, mentor-ship, and project challenges. Open source is my main interest.

This is my production email:


Hello My Name is Kareem. Currently a Network Engineer, but hopefully soon a Js Fullstack Developer. I am over 40, and just beginning my journey into programming. I have been tinkling with the idea for a very long while now. I started several online programs but dropped them halfway through. I am self taught. right now I am doing pure Javascript (front and Backend) I am hoping to improve my Js skills, database skills, and Backend skills. hope to start building web apps that meets some commercial standard soon.


Thanks for introducing yourself, @RuubixO! What a great post. Hope to see you post about some of your personal projects soon. If you’re not on the CodeBuddies Slack already, join us there or on if you want some silent motivation as you’re doing MOOCs!

@kareemuashiru Welcome! :slight_smile: I know the pain of dropping online courses halfway through, too. If you have any questions or are looking for project partners, feel free to ask in a new thread or in #personal-projects on Slack.


Thank you, @Ipatmo! I’m really enjoying the community and it’s obvious how much hard work you’ve all put into the code and moderating for this project. I’m glad to be involved :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, Its Abdul-Mateen here.
Am a newbie into programming, and this platform was recommended to me as a way to build up my skills.
Am currently learning python and web development and am open to joining any interesting projects.


Hi there! I’m a graphic designer interested in learning to code. Just started The Odin Project.
Can help with design related stuff: Graphics, Mockups, UI/UX. Nowadays I’m in college, work at a Industrial design firm and have to care for my family, but my saturdays and 2 hours per night are consacrated to this goal.
I want to learn the basics: Html+css+JS, thats my first step.
I’m from Venezuela but I’m Currently living in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. That’s it :3


Hows it going everyone? :grin: My name is Elijah.
I’m 24 yr old self taught developer who’s fairly new to programming. It’s been about 5 months,
I’ve been on a lot of online tutorials/ courses. Treehouse/ Udemy has been most of my learning since I started.

Current skills are in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Linux and Bash.
My goal right now is too improve the skills I’ve learned so far, especially JavaScript.
before I move into Front-end Frameworks and Node.js . Aiming to be skilled enough to land my first web developer job in the next 2-6 months. (asap without neglecting my fundamentals)

I’m looking forward to learning from my peers here at CodeBuddies. Interested in doing some
pair-programming, collaborating on open-source/personal projects, anything involving hacking some ideas together.

cheers ,

Hobbies/Interests: Podcasts ( All of it is either about Financial Independence, Entrepreneurship, Programming, and CyberSecurity), Watching anime, Playing games (PS4), Qigong , Reading, and Cooking vegan food.


Welcome to CB!! You are in the right community to learn! Good luck in your journey.


Hello All! My name is Chemi. I am new and inexperienced with programming. I have a lot of tutorials/courses that I have been using. I am bit burnt out, (Information Overload), but I plan to focus as I realize what interests me and what I can pursue.

What are your current skills, and what skills are you hoping to improve?
I am practicing and expanding my development skills. Currently, I can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I plan to develop my JavaScript skills further. I am interested in learning Python also as I enjoy working with Data Science. I feel a pull to Backend of JavaScript and look forward to delve into Python also. I have learning guides and books for algorithms and Computer Science concepts.

What are you looking for? I am looking for an accountability partner as I continue this coding journey. I would like to review others’ code and have my code reviewed.

Extra: Love nature and animals, enjoy cooking, devours Health care/Medical news, want to become a digital nomad, and spend a lot time near the coast and traveling!


Hi everyone! I’m Izzy!
I am a high school student learning Java, but I really hope to explore Swift and XCode when I have time. I want to improve my Java skills, of course, but more importantly, I want to learn about what I can do with it. (I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Swift and XCode make iOS apps, but Java… xD)
I’m looking for a code buddy who is willing to have fun and talk with me on our coding journey, or a mentor to give me some tips about what to do next.
P.S. I love cooking and eating. And watching food videos on Youtube. And building food miniatures out of clay – anything with food, really. :smiley:


My name is Andrew, and I’m a 40-something husband and father who went to school for aviation, is a flight instructor and corporate trainer, and an aspiring entrepreneur and coder! I know HTML and CSS pretty well, and really want to shore up my knowledge of Javascript. I’ve gone through Udacity’s Front End Design Nanodegree (did not complete), am generally self-taught for HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, and what I do know about Javascript. I’ve also learned a little about ReactJS.

Mainly, I want to develop my coding skills so that I can use them to freelance and create my own business ideas, freeing me up to flight instruct full time without taking a massive pay cut to do so!


Hello guys.
Name: precious adeyinka
Location: Nigeria
Skills: html, css, javascript, jquery, a little bit of python, mysql, a small portion of php.

Learning goals: for now i want to focus on the backend side of javascript especially using nodejs and express with mongodb and sql.
I kind of like just want to also get alot of hands on experiences with building frontend web apps from scratch directly or indirectly by contributions, thats why I am here, I also love the idea of learning together.

I am hoping to meet you all in conversations :slight_smile: .
Have a great day.


Hello. My name is Brad and I can really relate to your post. I am 40-something husband and father, but I did not do the aviation gig, focused on logistics so I handled more ground based forms of transportation. I have been coding off and on for several years, but never seem to feel like I work on it enough or with a real goal. I am looking to connect and learn and would love to work on open-source/volunteer type projects so I can learn real-world and see my work outside of my computer screen.