Introduce yourself here!


Hi everyone
I’m Abid. I’m a college student
I know a bit of c and c++ and learning python now



Name: Nelson
Location: San Jose, CA

I’m just learning to program, currently going over the JavaScript curriculum at teamtreehouse.
I will be using YouTube, Linkedin Learning and Lynda as well as any good book. I have taken classes in HTML in the past I have done very basic programming projects but beyond that, no professional experience in programming.

What I can offer:
My eagerness to learn and open mindedness which makes me good with people while an introvert at the same time.

What Am I after:
Learn to code and launch a career in Software Engineering. To meet awesome people who can help me out and guide in the process as a newbie.


New to coding pretty much teaching myself i have the basic of HTML CSS PHP Bootstrap down looking to improve on those skills as well as learn the rest of the coding languages


Name: Davis
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Javascript fullstack developer looking to improve quality of my code and build networks with nice people. Hope am in the right place. My key interests are serverless (mostly in Azure), Angular and just plain old Nodejs

What I can offer:
Lot’s of positive energy and a bit of time in case someone just needs to hang out. It’s a jungle out there :wink:

What Am I after:
Build skills in scalable systems and maybe collaborate on an exciting project



My name is Sam. I am 18 years old and I’m from Amsterdam (the Netherlands). I’m a beginner in the computer languages, but I quite got the hand of HTML & CSS. I am planning on studying mathematical engineering or software engineering soon. I am very curious and eager to learn here.



Hello everyone,

Hope y’all are well.
My name is Channing and I’m 26 (almost 27) y/o, I’m from Switzerland.

I’m in coding since a few months, and I started with the front-end part, but now I’m focused in learn Java, which is the language that I have chosen in order to enter into this fantastic and challenging world.

I’m looking for a coding partner, or a group, to learn together Java language from the basics, and support each other in times of difficulty.

Thank you very much
my website


Name: Ishank
Location: India
Skills: Java, C, C++, R, Python, Machine Learning, Hadoop, MongoDB, SQL
hi everyone,
Am looking for an open-sourced project to contribute to. Am here to learn new techs and things from others.


Hi My name is Mukesh and I am new to programming, I am little bit confused on programming languages


Hi everyone,
I am Joseph from Ghana. I am a biomedical scientist. I have loved computers since the day I first used one and found it cool.

I have always taught of learning how to instruct it and be able to do whatever I wanted with it. I am here as a newbie with no programming experience whatsoever.

I hope I can find buddies here that together we will build a better world of codes. Good luck to we all.


Hi everyone,

My name is Sam and I’m a Marketing Specialist; Customer Relationship Management. I’ve recently expanded my role to work on some experimental projects and decided to take on a more hands-on approach. I’ve found I lacked a lot of skills to make my ideas happen or to even understand what is realistic, so I am trying to learn coding!

I have some knowledge of HTML5 and CSS from simply being exposed to it all the time, but would still classify myself as a beginner.

I’m looking for some friends in the coding world to chat, discuss and trade tips with.
Please feel free to reach out; I’d love to connect!

Speak to you all soon!

All the best,


Hi all! My name is Joe, and I’ve been a software engineer for as long as I can remember. :wink: One of my passions is helping new people get into programming, especially people who thought “I could never do that!”

To that end, I’ve created a clean, simple scripting language called MiniScript. It can be used on its own or even through a nifty web interface (I’ll provide more details later when I’m sure I understand the social norms here). And it is being built into some third-party games that are coming out soon. But I’m also building it into its own host app called “Mini Micro,” which is sort of like a virtual PC from an alternate (even cooler) 1980s universe:


So I went looking for communities of people interested in teaching and learning programming, and here I am! I look forward to getting to know you all better in the future.


Hello everyone, I am happy to have arrived here to the community.


Hi all,

Just started to learn to code and I would be grateful for any suggestions on where I should start.

I am 5 days into learning Python which is coming quite easy to me I’m happy to say.

Would someone be willing to help out a fresh newbie with a thirst for knowledge?



Hello everyone,
My name is Eva and I am from Lagos,Nigeria. I am a microbiologist and i just started out at coding:grin: i would greatly appreciate any advice and support.


Name: Thomas
Location: Shanghai, China

I was in building engineering industry for many years, but last two years I am trying to shift my career to software development through self-taught because I am a big fun of it.

What I can offer:
Backend: PHP/Laravel knowlege and skill, LAMP stack.

What Am I after:
further develop my coding skills to be a full-stack web developer, esepically in frontend.

Looking some buddies for teaming up, practise and improve in some project!


Hello, my name is Kevin. I am new to using python and I am struggling but I hope I can get better. Any and all help is appreciated. I hope we can get along as well.


Hello people :slight_smile:
My name is Ismail, i am pretty new to coding and all these stuff, but since i fell in love to “learn” coding past weeks i am want to step up more.

My biggest dream is making my own game(as solo developer or team), so i have been feeling so lonely days i am learning because around me no one ever would care about programming, they only know computer when they need to watch pirate movies :smiley: so… i believe i can find some people also new or a Mentor maybe??? another biggest wish…

And whoever i with learn something from them, feel free to invite me to anything good daaaaaays := )


Hi all.
I have telerobotics as a hobby since 2005.
I just barely can get code together for my robots in Pascal, C, Java, JavaScript, HTML… and hope to improve in all of it.
Just now I try to get a PHP queue code

to work with an android application called RoboCam.

The php queue work but the video stream work only in Firefox. I am trying to get the remote control in to the php code.
But what I really want is to just get the php queue on the RoboCam so to keep the beautiful visual code from RoboCam.

Need help.

I am also ranked 33 in the world right now in a 3D Tetris called BlockOut as “MagI” :slight_smile:

There is online versions if you Google BlockOut online.
This is how to set it up in hardest level.

Regards MagI


Hi, Darshan here. I launched a bibliography site called EasyBib with a friend of mine back in 2001. I have experience writing PHP (since 2007 or so), some javascript, but am getting into more UI stuff like using HTML 5 canvas. I’ve been away from the coding community for a long time when I was an executive at a bigger company. I’m using an online solitaire site I made as a test pad for playing around with canvas, javascript, etc. (The solitaire library I found was open source, but I’ve been modifying it).

I also want to learn more about Robotics (maybe using AWS Robomaker or something like that) as well as computer vision. If anyone has any tips on how to get started - intro tutorials etc- that would be great.


Welcome @isodesidero, @jlivingstonsg, @darsahanbib, and everyone who introduced themselves here! Wanted to share that our Slack community ( is slightly more active than our forum right now, but feel free to continue chatting here, of course. :slight_smile:

@darshanbib I totally remember using EasyBib for a lot of papers in high school/college in the 2000s! Thank you for making it! :slight_smile: