Introduce yourself here!


Hi all,

Just started to learn to code and I would be grateful for any suggestions on where I should start.

I am 5 days into learning Python which is coming quite easy to me I’m happy to say.

Would someone be willing to help out a fresh newbie with a thirst for knowledge?



Hello everyone,
My name is Eva and I am from Lagos,Nigeria. I am a microbiologist and i just started out at coding:grin: i would greatly appreciate any advice and support.


Name: Thomas
Location: Shanghai, China

I was in building engineering industry for many years, but last two years I am trying to shift my career to software development through self-taught because I am a big fun of it.

What I can offer:
Backend: PHP/Laravel knowlege and skill, LAMP stack.

What Am I after:
further develop my coding skills to be a full-stack web developer, esepically in frontend.

Looking some buddies for teaming up, practise and improve in some project!


Hello, my name is Kevin. I am new to using python and I am struggling but I hope I can get better. Any and all help is appreciated. I hope we can get along as well.


Hello people :slight_smile:
My name is Ismail, i am pretty new to coding and all these stuff, but since i fell in love to “learn” coding past weeks i am want to step up more.

My biggest dream is making my own game(as solo developer or team), so i have been feeling so lonely days i am learning because around me no one ever would care about programming, they only know computer when they need to watch pirate movies :smiley: so… i believe i can find some people also new or a Mentor maybe??? another biggest wish…

And whoever i with learn something from them, feel free to invite me to anything good daaaaaays := )


Hi all.
I have telerobotics as a hobby since 2005.
I just barely can get code together for my robots in Pascal, C, Java, JavaScript, HTML… and hope to improve in all of it.
Just now I try to get a PHP queue code

to work with an android application called RoboCam.

The php queue work but the video stream work only in Firefox. I am trying to get the remote control in to the php code.
But what I really want is to just get the php queue on the RoboCam so to keep the beautiful visual code from RoboCam.

Need help.

I am also ranked 33 in the world right now in a 3D Tetris called BlockOut as “MagI” :slight_smile:

There is online versions if you Google BlockOut online.
This is how to set it up in hardest level.

Regards MagI


Hi, Darshan here. I launched a bibliography site called EasyBib with a friend of mine back in 2001. I have experience writing PHP (since 2007 or so), some javascript, but am getting into more UI stuff like using HTML 5 canvas. I’ve been away from the coding community for a long time when I was an executive at a bigger company. I’m using an online solitaire site I made as a test pad for playing around with canvas, javascript, etc. (The solitaire library I found was open source, but I’ve been modifying it).

I also want to learn more about Robotics (maybe using AWS Robomaker or something like that) as well as computer vision. If anyone has any tips on how to get started - intro tutorials etc- that would be great.


Welcome @isodesidero, @jlivingstonsg, @darsahanbib, and everyone who introduced themselves here! Wanted to share that our Slack community ( is slightly more active than our forum right now, but feel free to continue chatting here, of course. :slight_smile:

@darshanbib I totally remember using EasyBib for a lot of papers in high school/college in the 2000s! Thank you for making it! :slight_smile:


Hey I’m Dennis
Currently looking to help others and as well grow in my python and SQL skills as i delve further into data science. Great to be here


Hey everyone! My name is Dmitry and I’m from Russia.
My main goal is to become a Backend web developer. I want to learn how to create a web applications.
Speaking of programming languages I use Python and little JavaScript. Actually I had some programming experience in childhood.
I made my first IRC bot when I was 10 and I really liked to write some IRC scripts. At school I learned Pascal and it extremely interested me. When my classmates were writing simple calculators, I was thinking about how to make a program with a graphical interface. My teacher advised me to learn the C#. I found some C# tutorials and made simple calculator and a web browser (using only C# native functions). But unfortunately C# was so difficult for me after Pascal and I decided that programming is not for me.
In November 2019 I started learning programming again. I chose Python as the programming language and I was not mistaken. I really like Python and the “Python way”. I decided to study web technologies and I started with HTML and CSS.
So there’s list of technologies that I plan to learn this year: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (+ some framework), Python, Django, NGINX, UNIX, SQL
What am I looking for
I hope to find some people that have the same interests as me to learn new things together. Also It would be great if we create some project.
If you’re an experienced developer and you can give me some advise or help to solve some problem It would be great :slight_smile:
Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I am Sparsh From India
Languages Known : Python, R , C++, C, HTML, CSS, JS, Java

I am currently working in Machine Learning / Deep Learning related fields and working towards becoming better at Computer Vision.
What I am looking for :
Join and form groups with people having similar interest or working in field of Deep learning ( especially CV ) and also to find some experience Deep Learning person who can guide me to improve in this field.



I’m finishing my BA in PSY, through my program I found a great deal on Neuroscience and then got really into AI, ML and Deep Learning. So, now that’s my goal.

I know next to nothing about coding and I’m signing up for Flatiron Bootcamp this May after I graduate. I started the prep course but I’m having a hard time with figuring out GitHub and Jupyter Notebook, (I understand python and PyCharm better - but still extremely new) and how to run a code to see if it works. I’ve been doing research, but I feel like I’m going in circles because I still don’t understand the basics.

Any and all help would be super appreciated :pray:t3:


Hi. I’m nima. I’ve just graduated as a chemical engineer and I’m interested in data-driven modeling and simulation of systems. I’ve gained some experience in Python, C++, MATLAB, and R through different projects I did in my undergraduate years but still wish to expand my skills to higher levels. I also hope to learn more about Julia and Java in which I’m only a beginner. My bachelor thesis focused on the applications of machine learning in fluid mechanics and economics and I made an extensive research on clustering algorithms and recurrent networks, and used Python and R for the implementation.

What am I looking for? I came all the way to this point all by my own and I believe I can figure out things eventually, so a new project ready to be explored really fits my interest, but I always appreciate those who helped me in any part of my life, including programming, and I hope I can help beginners on their first steps.


Hello everyone, My name is Mrunal.

I have programming experience in HTML, CSS,Javascript, C#,,, Web API, Web services and ORM.

Currently looking for new projects specially in Azure which is my interest. I love C# and eager to learn and master in C# and Web API. I love to work in teams. I would like to be a part of open source project to contribute to.


Hey everyone! My name is Dan and I would eventually like to get a career in tech. I just finished my Master’s in Industrial Engineering at Lehigh University. This past semester I took a Data Mining course in Python and a Business Analytics course in R. Before those courses, I had no prior experience with any programming languages. I had no idea what I was missing out on! Now I am hooked!

Now I am determined to get a job in tech. My plan is to use my Industrial Engineering degree to work at a manufacturing facility and then spend all of my free time developing my programming skills, so I can eventually get that job in the technology industry. I am going to mainly focus on Python, but I would also like to get proficient in Java as well.

I love books! I have a pretty big stack of them, but am open to suggestions on which ones I should be focusing on. Same goes for general advice as well! Please offer me your guidance! I need all of the help that I can get!


Hi everyone!I’m Sean and I am programming as a hobby for 5-6 years.I’m a student so I pretty much have not much experience


What are your current skills, and what skills are you hoping to improve?
Name: Gourab Mahapatra

Location: Berhampur, Odisha, India

Programming: (Beginner) Python, HTML, CSS, Mysql
Other: Customer Service, Indian medicine Sales

I’m a sales person who has a retail medicine shop in the town. Business is not doing well these days and I am doing it in order to sustain and feed my family and that is why i’m looking for a change in the field of work, mainly into AI,ML,etc. I really like the IT industry’s remote job thing and the freedom it gives to learn and work simultaneously. I have heard from many people that its very intimidating in the beginning but would get accustomed to it later. Due to the COVID-19 crisis in my country there is lock down and I am sitting idle at home, so thought of learning new tech things and find my way in changing career. I’m a 6+ year business owner looking to explore a new career! While I have a bachelors degree in Engineering back in 2012 but i couldn’t get a job and i stayed in my hometown. Its a small place and there aren’t any scope for tech and hardly there are any companies. I am from a poor family so I didn’t have the money to go out and search for job in the metro cities, so stayed back and did sales of medicines. I’ve done well in sales and customer service roles.

Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Programming, Self driving vehicles, Drone programming, etc. I love learning and helping others. I’m on google almost all the time, when not at my other job.

I enjoy learning about geographical, cultural, historical information like places its culture and people. Kind of Anthropology thing even though I don’t have any background in it.

What I can offer:
I am willing to learn and collaborate with fellow learners on concepts of the above stated technologies and working on collaborative projects so that I would get remote jobs in that field. If you need anything on Indian Ayurvedic Medicines I’m happy to help, too!

What am I after:
I’m looking to meet people for studying, mentor-ship, and project collaboration. AI,ML and technologies related to that is my main interest.

How and Why did this idea of learning AI,ML,Drones,Self-driving cars came into your mind?
Ans: Few years back the French president Emmanuel Macron visited India and along with our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, told the students and unemployed youth to invest time and effort into AI and related field because that will decide the jobs and prosperity of your country in this decade. So, that’s when I had a thought of learning it. Now due to corona virus lock down its a perfect opportunity for me.

You can reach me at:
Mob: +91 7540916291


Hi, I have worked with unity for two years, but now I am going for a web development career, Just started to learn react. I would be happy to share my progress and work on a team or open-source projects.


Name: Gino, you can call me Gei/G

Location: Currently The Valley, Anguilla

Programming - HTML, CSS, SASS, a bit of Javascript, a bit of Python, Flask, SQL, etc…
Other: UI/UX Design, trouble-shooting, web security, performance & optimization

I’m the techninja/co-partner at Thoughtful Digital Agency (

I really love meeting and learning new things from people (in tech or not) that are smarter than me. I can’t get enough of that — especially those that are learning and struggling like me.

Other than coding, I’m a Call of Duty maniac (Xbox), I use to love reading (aghhh still love it) until I started using audiobooks lol. I enjoy swimming — my island has beautiful beaches, learning from coding tuts, watching movies, ted talks, communing with nature, playing basketball and everything related to pokemon lol

I’m also passionate about growing my business and helping people meet their desired goals through design + code.

What I can offer:
I’ve never mentored anyone before outside of some of my employees at work but, I’m sure that that’s something I’d really enjoy helping out with here on codebuddies. I won’t say that I’m a great programmer but, I know some stuff! :wink:

I can definitely help build UIs and provide guidance in terms of what is feasible in development. A lot of times web/UI/UX designers get ahead of themselves and design visually appealing UIs and then find out later that what they’ve designed might not be so practical. I’m that guy that says, ‘How about this? Let’s do this instead…’ lol

I can also offer my chipper spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude…I NEVER GIVE UP…NEVER… and I’m a great team player.

What I am after:
Long term:
I want to improve my OOP, algorithm skills, and be well-rounded in other areas of the development process.
I want to be one of the best, I want to be the ‘WOZ’ to my fiance’s ‘JOBS’.

Here on CodeBuddies, I want to become more involved in the community i.e, working on fun and world-changing projects. I also want to become a long-term mentee and eventually a mentor while I grow in the tech industry. It would also be great if I could find a dedicated code buddy! Someone to bounce cool ideas off of etc…

Short term (right now):
I want to hop into a hangout with someone really quickly - like right now! lol
I’m having issues with form validation (jquery/JS) for the project I’m currently working on!
Anyone is welcomed to assist!

Let’s chat
Facebook: Gino Webster


I am an engineering student having skills in html, css,java, javascript,SQL, react, react-native
and current learning node.js