Introduce yourself here!


Hello guys.
Name: precious adeyinka
Location: Nigeria
Skills: html, css, javascript, jquery, a little bit of python, mysql, a small portion of php.

Learning goals: for now i want to focus on the backend side of javascript especially using nodejs and express with mongodb and sql.
I kind of like just want to also get alot of hands on experiences with building frontend web apps from scratch directly or indirectly by contributions, thats why I am here, I also love the idea of learning together.

I am hoping to meet you all in conversations :slight_smile: .
Have a great day.


Hello. My name is Brad and I can really relate to your post. I am 40-something husband and father, but I did not do the aviation gig, focused on logistics so I handled more ground based forms of transportation. I have been coding off and on for several years, but never seem to feel like I work on it enough or with a real goal. I am looking to connect and learn and would love to work on open-source/volunteer type projects so I can learn real-world and see my work outside of my computer screen.