Introduce yourself here!


hey !! I’m Bunz and I am learning JavaScript :slight_smile:


Name: Nitin Bhandari

Location: India batch 2021

Skills: C++, Python, Django, Competitive programming

What I can offer: I am not much-experienced so I really don’t see myself able to help you with your doubts, but I consider myself good at learning while executing the task. And I am great at teamwork. Consider me someone you can guide and give amazing shape to. If you need a brand new team to execute some tasks, I might be a member of your choice. :grinning:

What I am after: Improve my competitive programming and open-sourced project to contribute to. I really am interested in open-sources but need guidance. If you can help me improve, we can be really good friends:wink:


Hi all,

basic PHP webdev ISO code buddies in Maine, USA

my skills: html, css, javascript, php, some mysqli/mysql, user feedback, proofreading, english, martian :slight_smile:

seeking improvement on php7, mysql, mysqli, jquery, bootstrap, industry standards from an employer’s perspective (portfolio design, project documentation and organization, workflow speed, or teamwork between coders), svg/xml, content development


My name is Paul

Looking for people working with javascript , node.js , react who want to do some pair programming. I have an application I am working on. Maybe you could code some and I could code something of yours together.

I want to gain experience working with others and improve through working with others.


Name: Paul

Location: UK

javascript, react.js, node.js

What I am after: pair programming, meeting for code teardown, support and mutual advice.

What I can offer:
I have been working on javascript for about 1 year and am working on an application that is getting close to alpha launch. I have a previous career experience in analytics and data.

contact me and I’ll send you my email. Available most days


Hello Gino, this is Abs from LinkedIn - I guess this is the slack channel you mentioned I believe.



Hello, I’m Eric. I’m looking for a few newbies like myself that are interested in studying Javascript.


I am not newby but I don’t use JS in regular basis so I usually go back and refresh my knowledge. So I don’t mind us collaborating together. Regards, -aK>


Hello guys myself Ayushman Acharya
Location India
I am learning html intermediate and css and recently I created a webpage and note taking app
Through html and CSS
Here are the projects I created

A note taking app
A portfolio websites

These are the projects I created

I love to work with teams on an open source project’s and a community to learn new skill’s by working and sharing the works


Hey All! My name is Kingsley.
I have a BS in biological sciences and an MS in Physiology and currently serving a research coordinator to a public health intervention project. I recently made a decision to switch or perhaps make a diversion in my career path. I’m looking to go into Data Sciences. I have interest in bioinformatics, Neural networks and AI.

I have absolutely no experience in programming and I am looking to learn Python. Whiles at it, I’ll also visit Html and CSS.
I’ll be glad to have mentors and accountability partners to help me on this journey. As a noob, I also look forward to have some engagements in projects that will offer me some bit of experience and exposure.
Lastly, I am 32 and hope I’m not too late to programming.


I’m noob here. but hardly understand from which link i can start practise with professional collaborately together.


@Rumel Feel free to RSVP to any of the hangouts on (where people will pair with participants). Also, say hi on our Slack! We have a #pair-programming channel. How to join:


Coded for an open source project: OScommerce/Allcommerce/Zelerate in the late 90’s prior (during) the dot-bomb era; otherwise just a few projects for myself using: PDS, Perl, and finally PHP; can wade through css/html but don’t enjoy it.

I really just thought I’d stop by and see what happened to the Open Source community that once was quite active - I see message boards and don’t see any signs of life. What happened?


Hello, My name is Navneet Kaur an Android Application developer having experience of almost 6 years. I am 27 years old and started working as a programmer just after my graduation. Till now I was working with the applications only with java as well as android. However, now I would like to expand my skills which are introduced in the market for better experiences like Kotlin, RxJava, Dagger, Data Binding, MVVM architecture. Moreover I need a good mentor who keeps me motivated throughout my journey and encourage me to get higher and higher in life. Hoping for the better future.


maybe you can help me with web development


Name: Kristian

Location: Dundee, UK

Experience: Mainly C#/Unity, recently started working in Go as a way to move away from Game Development and in more general programming areas, Docker, partly Kubernetes, Terraform, some Vault, Packer and Nomad + Consul, a bit of MySQL, sqlite and some MongoDB…

Interests: I am a Psychology student so Psychology is something I am extremely interested into, other than that reading, traveling and meeting people and learning new stuff.

What I can offer: Mainly I can help with Docker, Kubernetes and HashiCorp’s tools (mostly have experience with Terraform and Vagrant). Also, most importantly - Google skills!

What I am after: I would love to help collaborate on fun projects (hopefully in Go), improve my Go knowledge, my networking and systems knowledge and learn AWS, Azure or GCP. Other than that, it would be great to learn any other technology, stack, etc.