Introduce yourself here!


hey !! I’m Bunz and I am learning JavaScript :slight_smile:


Name: Nitin Bhandari

Location: India batch 2021

Skills: C++, Python, Django, Competitive programming

What I can offer: I am not much-experienced so I really don’t see myself able to help you with your doubts, but I consider myself good at learning while executing the task. And I am great at teamwork. Consider me someone you can guide and give amazing shape to. If you need a brand new team to execute some tasks, I might be a member of your choice. :grinning:

What I am after: Improve my competitive programming and open-sourced project to contribute to. I really am interested in open-sources but need guidance. If you can help me improve, we can be really good friends:wink:


Hi all,

basic PHP webdev ISO code buddies in Maine, USA

my skills: html, css, javascript, php, some mysqli/mysql, user feedback, proofreading, english, martian :slight_smile:

seeking improvement on php7, mysql, mysqli, jquery, bootstrap, industry standards from an employer’s perspective (portfolio design, project documentation and organization, workflow speed, or teamwork between coders), svg/xml, content development


My name is Paul

Looking for people working with javascript , node.js , react who want to do some pair programming. I have an application I am working on. Maybe you could code some and I could code something of yours together.

I want to gain experience working with others and improve through working with others.


Name: Paul

Location: UK

javascript, react.js, node.js

What I am after: pair programming, meeting for code teardown, support and mutual advice.

What I can offer:
I have been working on javascript for about 1 year and am working on an application that is getting close to alpha launch. I have a previous career experience in analytics and data.

contact me and I’ll send you my email. Available most days


Hello Gino, this is Abs from LinkedIn - I guess this is the slack channel you mentioned I believe.



Hello, I’m Eric. I’m looking for a few newbies like myself that are interested in studying Javascript.


I am not newby but I don’t use JS in regular basis so I usually go back and refresh my knowledge. So I don’t mind us collaborating together. Regards, -aK>


Hello guys myself Ayushman Acharya
Location India
I am learning html intermediate and css and recently I created a webpage and note taking app
Through html and CSS
Here are the projects I created

A note taking app
A portfolio websites

These are the projects I created

I love to work with teams on an open source project’s and a community to learn new skill’s by working and sharing the works


Hey All! My name is Kingsley.
I have a BS in biological sciences and an MS in Physiology and currently serving a research coordinator to a public health intervention project. I recently made a decision to switch or perhaps make a diversion in my career path. I’m looking to go into Data Sciences. I have interest in bioinformatics, Neural networks and AI.

I have absolutely no experience in programming and I am looking to learn Python. Whiles at it, I’ll also visit Html and CSS.
I’ll be glad to have mentors and accountability partners to help me on this journey. As a noob, I also look forward to have some engagements in projects that will offer me some bit of experience and exposure.
Lastly, I am 32 and hope I’m not too late to programming.