Introduce yourself here!


Name: Danny
Location: Seattle,WA
Programming - C / C++ (beginner)

I am relatively new to programming. I started about a year ago with the basics of IoT, shifted to learning Data Structures and Algorithms, and then C/C++. I have spent the last month or so churning out leetcode problems.

Interests: I am very interested in getting out of my own bubble and working on projects and collaborating with others. I learn best by having conversations, so hope to find others who do as well. My focus is at the intersection of robotics, 3D printers, software(C++ and python), ML, sensors, IoT, hardware architecture, or anything that might fall into the realm of rapid prototyping.
Outside of coding, I enjoy most things health and fitness related, hiking or just being in nature, going for cold swims, cooking, reading good sci-fi or fantasy books, meditation, bing watching or a marathon of good sci-fi or fantasy shows and/or movie series.

What I can offer: I don’t think I am at the right place to be a mentor, but I would be open a willing to give it a try when the time comes. Until then, I bring my curiosity and willingness to learn from others. I have good communication skills and like to be observant, which seems to be helpful on group projects.

What I am after: I would like to improve my coding skills, identify and learn the soft skills required for my focus, and meet others who have a similar focus and who also want to work on projects. If possible, find/meet a mentor in my area. If not, find a mentor online. If anyone has recommendations or is interested in helping navigate this process, I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi, I own and run a small business in South Africa providing IT support to small businesses running systems in the cloud. Decided to learn Python to upskill and see the potential for assisting my clients with solutions in their businesses. Work from home mostly as support is done remotely. Have a cat that owns me and love nature and hiking.


Hi everyone,my name is Onur , I’m new to programming and i want to teach myself computer science. I know it’s extremely difficult from zero but i have discipline and dedication. I hope everyone in here achieve their dreams, best of luck!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Kristopher Norful. I am a Computer Science grad from The University of Arkansas - Little Rock. I am looking for an accountability partner or a mentor. My aim is to become a Jr. Software Engineer within the coming months. Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Guys
stack: node.js, react, express …

Still interested in people looking for pair programmers / people to do code reviews with?
Been working on a project on my own during 2020 and would like to work with others. Maybe I can do some coding / advice for you and you do the same for me. email me on jimmyyukka (at) gmail dot com. I also have done some python and sql.


My name is Kerl, I am web & mobile developer from China.
I have experience in React.js, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Laravel and etc.
I am looking forward someone who can collaborate with me closely long term.
If you are interested, please contact me.
My skype id is this:


Hi. My name is Peter. I’m 30 years old from Canada :canada:.
I am eager to learn programming Java, JS, or C++ from a mentor.
I understand concepts but I’m years away from understanding how to make something.
Maybe a twice a week class?
Study Buddies?


Hi, I am Terry, 19 yo.
I am eager to learn Programming with Java, C++, and Js from a mentor.
I am learning things but I am unable to apply the skills.
I want to know more about contributions.


My skill set, so far, is just HTML CSS and currently learning JavaScript.

I would like to find a mentor or someone who is around the same area of their as myself.

My name is Tyson and I am a aspiring/beginner front end developer. I have so far created my own show-page, a chat application and a few other small projects. This is for a career change so I am very serious.


I am looking for people to study with or work on coding projects with. I have experience with Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, SQL, C#, HTML5, CSS. I would be interested in studying anything code related or helping with coding projects. You can contact me at oburnett127 at gmail dot com. I could work with you @DeltaNumaris, @Rezkin, @knorful, @runorun, @sudhashen. Let me know if any of you are still interested.


I might be able to help you learn some Java, C++ and JS when I have time. Let me know.


Hi, I am looking for a coding friend to learn Natural Language Processing and machine learning with. I have started a course on Udemy on creating a chatbot. I am a beginner however. Looking for someone in the USA,


Hey Izzy! Are you still into java? If yes we can be code buddies :grinning:. You can contact me at


Hello Everyone, My name is Shiv. I knows basics of html,css , python, C++. Currently I am learning React.
Right now i am looking for a partner and open source project to contribute.


Hey everyone! My name is Brendan McKenna. I’m an enterprise sales engineer specializing in Data Science and Big Data. I have skills in Python, AWS, and Cloudera (Data Science Workbench, Hadoop, Spark, etc).

I’m looking for a learning partner for both accountability and to accelerate understanding. I’d also love a mentor.

I’m excited to join this community!