Krishna Sameer - Expertised Front End dev, Trying to try out tools and build products


I’m a programmer for India. This platform looks cool, but let’s see how it goes like. I ha e over two years of professional experience, where I’m out of my “completely novice” phase. Into another phase which is still “novice” but more “matured”.
Trying to get my hands dirty with a lot of things at the same time. Have experience with JavaScript, React, TypeScript. Almost fatigued by these during my immature novice times, but now I feel is the time to bridge a couple of things that I know to actually “build products”.
I am a firm believer in writing code which is robust. And the test-cases kind of guy. And, the TypeScript kind of guy i.e languages which strong types, and heavily invested in those during my novice phase, which perhaps made me a bit slow at times, but it is like “sharpening the saw” is what I’d like to belive.
So, hope I’d be able to share a few things, as well as benefit a ton from the wonderful community out here.