Looking for a Data Structures & Algorithms buddy


I am looking for a data structures and algorithm buddy to solve many questions together (preferably in C++). We can solve from an ebook I have which is good and even from Leetcode or HackerRack if needed. Feel free to HMU if interested.


I’m interested! looking to join a class too if possible


I would love to join you guys but it won’t be more than 1 hr a week since I already have so much on my plate.


Okay let’s discuss on discord then?


Sure, we can do that.


Send me a request on discord please. My discord is Stormbreaker#5037


Anyone doing LeetCode monthly challenges ? I’m looking for code buddies.


Hi guys! still room on board for a new recruit? :wink:
I’d love to learn about these topics with a group
@Ash1064 @abiyek


Sure, let me know what’s the step forward. I seldom come here that’s why it took me long to respond