Looking for a mentor or mentee


What I am looking for in a mentor:
Not going to be picky here! Strong functional background would be nice!

What I am looking for in a mentee:
Strong desire to learn programming
Active listener
Beginner that needs better understand of common programming structures
Somebody that wants to learn the basics of functional programming


  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • NodeJS (Mentor only)
  • Javascript DOM
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • Python
  • Algorithms
  • SICP (Mentor only)
  • Web Frameworks



I’d love to meet. I am working React, node (a bit), mongo , and SCSS. I am working on an App that I have wanted to build but not had the skills. I have 10 years data and SQL experience and about 6-8 months full time learning the above. I’m slow and a bit scrappy but seem to be able to consistently make progress (which is getting faster).

I am aiming to finish my app soon and then I’ll be sorting out portfolio and try to get a job.




Well, may be we can learn from one another. I don’t have any functional background though.



Im a beginner to coding (learning python) and i’m looking for a mentor. Maybe I can be a good fit :slight_smile: