[Newsletter] November 1st Edition


Hello CodeBuddies,

After a VERY long hiatus, we’re reviving the CodeBuddies newsletter! This time around, we’re trying out a new format inspired by emails such as Quincy Larson’s “3 links” email. The newsletter will be short and sweet with links and community updates worth sharing.

We’re also experimenting with having a rotation of guest authors from members of the CodeBuddies community. This very newsletter is by our Slack’s “Resident Resourcerer” wuworkshop. [mdun mdun mdun]

If you would like to be a guest author, please reply to this email!

All right, now let’s get to the good stuff!

CodeBuddies Updates:

  1. We have a Discourse forum you can join at https://forum.codebuddies.org. You can find out more about the reasons why we created the forum in its Welcome post.

  2. Check out our new YouTube channel. We have some great interviews with members of the community sharing wisdom and discussing their coding journeys:

  3. CodeBuddies contributor Gaurav Chikhale created a Slack bot that lets users schedule CodeBuddies hangouts from Slack. You can read Linda’s interview with him which explains how and why he built it:

  4. CodeBuddies contributor distalx created a feature that lets you add a non-profit, a Patreon, or a BuyMeACoffee link to your CodeBuddies profile. These links appear in hangouts that you schedule, so participants can choose to thank you if they would like!

  5. We had a busy Hacktoberfest month. Thank you to everyone who contributed! You can check out codebuddies.org to see all of the updates. More descriptive release notes will be coming shortly.

Personal Project Shout-Outs:
A collection of open-sourced projects built by members of the CB community

  1. Flashcards for Developers by Niko is “a curated list of flashcards to boost your professional skills". Niko is looking for programmers that want to build and learn flashcards for new topics.

  2. devswag.io by Swapnil is “a curated collection of swag opportunities for developers”. Swapnil is seeking help in adding automated tests for the website to get notified when any of the current features get broken on any device/layout. Find more issues here.

  3. Starling Client by Bill is a Go client for the Starling Bank API. It lets customers view transactions, transfer money and set-up savings goals. The project is looking for help adding multi-account support, business accounts and more.

  4. Commit Book by Gaurav is “an Atom plugin to list your commits with handy features like diffs, search, sort, filter in one place”. Gaurav is looking for feedback and help writing tests. (Please check out the TODOs in README.md.)

  5. GeriLife by Brylie is “a well-being activity log and visualization tool for seniors”. Brylie is looking for data-driven design enthusiasts.

If you want your project considered for this list, please create a new post describing it under the personal-projects category on the forum.

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