Newsletter outline brainstorming




  • Upcoming hangouts
  • Featured (study) groups
  • Personal project features
  • Slack channel highlight
  • CB project updates:
    - YouTube video(s)
    - Medium post(s)
    - Github release note highlight(s)


Folks helping

  • @wuworkshop
  • @linda
  • Spiro (expressed interest)
  • Bethany (expressed interest)


Hi Linda,

I’m not a big fan of newsletters; there are so many and it’s always hard to keep, yet I understand the need for any org to have one, however what I do like to see is your thoughts on the newsletter page on codebuddies.

Another add I’d suggest is to limit your platform promotion ex. Don’t mention highlights based on their origin, just discuss them neutrally so that it keeps conversation here instead of so fragmented across so many community tools.

Honestly I’m against anything that promotes Slack at this point. It’s making the community less useful due to the fact that intelligent discourse is regularly destroyed by Slacks freemium limitations on us.


Thanks for your thoughts, @misterhtmlcss! Can you clarify what you mean by platform promotion ex and keeping conversation “here”? Do you mean keeping conversation on the forum?

For some more context: we had a newsletter running from 2015-2017; you can see all the archives at And they were being cross-posted to the Medium publication at A lot of people seemed to love it based on the survey results we got last year, but I ran out of time to run it. So this is an attempt to restart the newsletter (community news) with some help from other volunteers.

however what I do like to see is your thoughts on the newsletter page on codebuddies.

The biggest pain would be updating it, but someone mentioned it as “A forum post makes sense. Gut feel, a link on the website to the latest forum post simply for people who want a quick digest of the best you have to offer in a month.” Maybe the page could simply be a link pointing to the Medium publication where we’ve got an archive of all the newsletter posts. We’ll eventually have to move off of TinyLetter after we exceed 5000 users, so we can’t rely on the Tinyletter archive indefinitely.


Hi @linda, yes I meant to keep it in the forum. I know when we last spoke you talked about the popularity of Slack, but I come from FreeCodeCamp and their forum is very busy, so I think it’s opportunity to re-launch the newsletter again, but to keep all the content in the forum within reason. Full articles could be on Medium, but summarized content or content aggregation should be in the forum.

I’m probably not explaining myself very well because I’m always in here on as a mobile user/PWA fan and so I like to read more than I write.

However I was a marketing guy in my past for over a decade and so it may be worth it for us to have a longer chat. I’d be happy to set aside the time. Consider a returned favor for the great flexbox was it tutorial you did. It was basically just us and it was great. I’d happily return the favor.

Anyway bottom line is, I feel all content should come here. I believe this for two reasons; it’s good if you ever decide to monetize it and it’s also more convenient for users, because it gives us one place to find what we need. Slack won’t solve the above, Medium is the same. Unless you have a legion of followers that are willing to volunteer, it just makes sense to limit your outposts on the web to those that can deliver the most for the least.