POLL PROMPT: What is one thing you could teach others? (Vote)



1/ Please start a poll by clicking on Settings -> Build a Poll


2/ Type down some ideas for things you could theoretically write about/share with others.

For example:


  • How to arrange any pop song into an acapella cover for 4 voices (or 4 violins)
  • Lessons learned growing and managing a Slack community
  • How to make an open source project friendly and welcoming for new coders making their first PRs
  • Tips and tricks to help you save time in Final Cut Pro
  • How to volunteer/help out if you’re a US progressive interested in contributing to progressive political tech
  • Advice for beginners thinking of making a career switch into tech
  • Intro to Modern Parkour 101
  • Fandom 101
  • Advice for starting the most relaxed and fun PyLadies meetup
  • Lessons learned failing at supporting hangout organizers
  • Harry Potter 301

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