Printing with Light


I’ve been toying with the idea of printing with light instead of ink. I have a vision for how this might work and really should write this up. But for now, I wanted to publicly declare the existence of the project. It’s slow burn, mainly because it requires me to be physically at home with time on my hands to make any real progress.

The video below, shows my first tangible progress. I’m able to issue commands over a serial link to control motor movement. The instructions issued are for two motors although only one is shown in the video.

The commands are issued in the following format (a, b) where a is the desired position of the first motor and b is the desired position of the second motor. Positions are relative the the origin (0,0) which is defined as the location of the motors at start-up.



What is the first thing you’re thinking of printing?


If I can get a straight line I’ll be happy. A circle would be a miracle. I think I just want to see how it develops once I get the basics set-up.