Proposal: Rename Go-Lang to Go


How do people feel about renaming the category to match the name of the language?

Current name: Go-Lang
Proposal: Go


I think ‘Go’ is okay as most people almost know it and prefer to call it so. But, it should be made clear that ‘Go’ is still Go-Lang and not some other language


“Go” is the name of the language. I think the fact that this is a sub-category of programming should help avoid any confusion with other meanings of “go” but I would be interested in hearing if this causes confusion for anyone.


I think the differences stem from the erasability of googling the language. When languages are listed you spell it as Go, and when you are searching for information you type Golang. I am not sure where the hyphen came about.


I think you are correct in that “Go” isn’t exactly a searchable term. Indeed, this forum doesn’t allow you to search for two character terms. Perhaps we should remove the hyphen for consistency with other approaches.


The same problem exists for R for data-science. I end up googling r lang


In a recent talk by Rob Pike (one of the 3 original authors of Go) he stated that the language was called Go not Golang.


What about gogo gadget lang ?


I don’t follow. The original proposal was renaming the category for this forum.


It was an Inspector Gadget gag