Python Text Based Adventure Game


Hello! I am still pretty new to python, and am expected to do a program that has input, program functionallity, output, list, data being stored in a list, collection types, the list being used, a procedure/ algorithm with a parameter that is applicable to other parts of the program, sequencing, selection, iteration, and arguments. Can someone help me figure out how I can make my program work and still have all of these things?


Hi, That’s a really good point to start learning python.
I think i can help you trough this , So ask any question you want and I’ll try my best to help you.
(I don’t know how much you know about programming or python so I try to explain from very begging)
And for your question about figuring out how to code this program I would say to this steps:
1_ first start by just printing some text on screen.(Like say hello to players of you game and explain game)
2_ get input from user and produce output texts based on inputs. (Ask their name and say a send a special hello that contain their name.)
3_ You can make a list of acceptable command for your game and show them to player.
4_ use if statement to check if player input is in acceptable commands list or not.
5_ make a list of text to show the player one after another one. (each text explain one part of game)
6_ loop trough your game texts and give input from player after each text.

Now you can tell your game story and make the player interact with it ,
but it’s not even near a playable game. You can add game logic , different playable story path and a lot of other cool thing to game .

I don’t know how much I were helpful, I’ll be very happy if I can answer any of you future question.