Some thoughts on long-term goals for CodeBuddies


What we are in, a nutshell:
Global community of independent code learners who help each other become better developers through knowledge sharing

Note: the goals below are based on those described on the Project Status Letter to the Community post.

Goal #1: Connect people who have the potential to help each other become better at software development, regardless of where they live.

Current Numbers:
605 hangouts (though technically more like 800+, since 605 is only counting numbers since 2016)
480,000 Slack messages
4150 newsletter subscribers
329 learnings shared
122 responses to the CB Connect experiment, 32 manual matches made so far
4 YouTube videos feat. developer stories, 45 channel subscribers
Open Source Project Codebase Walkthrough Video Series (coming soon) to connect open source project maintainers with new contributors who want to learn from contributing
? Not sure how many people have joined the 24/7 silent hangout room, but we could start counting that

Goal Numbers:
1000 hangouts organized
500 learnings shared
5000 newsletter subscribers
100 matches on CB Connect between mentors/mentees and accountability partners
10 YouTube videos, 100 channel subscribers

Help wanted:

  1. Help building out CB Connect and iterating on it to make sure it’s a feature people will use.
  2. Newsletter author(s)/curator(s) for our 1x/month newsletter.
  3. YouTube video host(s) (or podcast host(s)) and video editor(s).
  4. Someone to tackle this Github issue which would help the learnings count
  5. Natural leaders willing to schedule hangouts on CB and either cross-post their Zoom/Twitch/YouTube livestream on CB, or schedule a hangout to study X.
  6. Design feedback to improve the user experience on the site, so that it is easier to use.
  7. Start tracking how many total people step into the 24/7 silent hangout room (only 1433 total pageviews)

Goal #2: Support and feature the personal projects created by members in the community.

Current Numbers:
? An active #personal-projects channel on Slack
? YouTube video series featuring personal project walkthroughs
Personal projects shout-out section on the newsletter (5 links feat. open-sourced projects created by members of the community)

Goal Numbers:
Shout-outs to 20 different open-sourced personal projects created by members

Help wanted:

  1. Encourage members to post about personal projects on the forum so the newsletter curator can find it and consider it for the newsletter.
  2. Folks interested in recording a video (or starting a hangout) walking through a personal project, and have it featured on the YouTube channel.

Goal #3: Support members’ career goals in tech.

Current Numbers:
A bit difficult to quantify, but we’ve seen folks on Slack:

  • post about new jobs
  • post about getting first developer jobs
  • get resume feedback from other members
  • get a lot of career advice
  • get workplace situation advice
  • get live coding help
  • get helpful links to resources

Goal Numbers:

  • ?

Help wanted:
Slack conversations seem to be serving members’ needs here, but there’s lots more we can do to help with this goal, depending on what people are most interested in.

Goal #4: Be a space for constant individual growth and experimentation.

Goal #5: Be sustainable

Current Numbers:
4 core codebase maintainers
122 total code contributors to the site
~7 active Slack admins
2 active Forum moderators
Current budget: $1,113.42 (includes 2 active backers offering $12/month, and a one-time $1,000 Awesome Foundation grant)
Site hosting sponsors: DigitalOcean and MongoDB Atlas (renewal request required October 2019)

Goal Numbers:
150 total code contributors, including more active core codebase maintainers
5 active Forum moderators
1x release per month
1x newsletter per month
More sponsors
Possible goal: have enough $ to pay for Slack Premium ($6.67 per active user per month) so we can access our history

Help wanted:

  1. We need people willing to help with sponsor outreach.
  2. More code maintainers/PR reviewers/people familiar with the codebase (and with vueJS).
  3. Volunteer(s) to help write up the release notes 1x per month.
  4. Idea: maybe more explicit titles – eg a Board of Directors, and clear terms to serve.
  5. An offboarding plan for core contributors, because we cannot expect contributors to volunteer forever. (eg employees do not stay at the same company forever.)
  6. Help growing non-Slack spaces (Forum, Website, YouTube, Medium)

Feedback welcome – do these goal numbers make sense? Do the help wanted lists I cobbled together make sense?

Which goal(s) are you most excited about us achieving?

  • 1000 hangouts organized
  • 500 learnings shared
  • 5000 newsletter subscribers
  • 100 matches on CB Connect between mentors/mentees and/or accountability partners and/or open source maintainers and contributors
  • 100 YouTube channel subscribers
  • 5 active Forum moderators
  • 6 core codebase contributors
  • 1x codebase release per month
  • 1x newsletter per month
  • Open Source Project Codebase Walkthrough Video Series
  • A bigger budget from sponsors – so we can spend it on swag, compensation for design and code contributors and mentors, etc.

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