Telerobotic game


Hi all.
I have telerobotics as a hobby since 2005.
I just barely can get code together for my robots in Pascal, C, Java, JavaScript, HTML… and hope to improve in all of it.

I try to build this in Sweden.

Just now I try to get a PHP queue code

to work with an android application called RoboCam.

The php queue work but the video stream work only in Firefox. I am trying to get the remote control in to the php code.
But what I really want is to just get the php queue on the RoboCam so to keep the beautiful visual code from RoboCam.

Need help.

I am also ranked 33 in the world right now in a 3D Tetris called BlockOut as “MagI” :slight_smile:

There is online versions if you Google BlockOut online.
This is how to set it up in hardest level.

Regards MagI