Welcome to the CodeBuddies Forum!


CodeBuddies is a free, open-sourced 100% volunteer-built project and Slack community that enables an international community of over 4000 members to improve their coding skills via a forum (here!), peer-to-peer organized study groups and remote study hangouts that anyone can schedule.

The goal of this forum is to continue to build upon the amazing CB community we have over in Slack and bring it here so we can:

  • Share and capture knowledge and ideas in a more organized and structured approach
  • Reduce the stress from the “always online” feeling we get while being on Slack. In other words, these discussions should always be treated truly asynchronous and people should expect that
  • Retain long-term knowledge and discussions we would otherwise lose in Slack (CB is on a free plan so we cannot retain historical discussions)
  • Share ideas on how to better improve the CB community!
  • Streamline the onboarding process for new code buddies and bring more awareness to the site itself

We’re excited that you are here and we hope you find yourself a code buddy soon!


The CB Team