Which React API is smartest to learn?


I have just finished learning how to use Axios in a React app when connecting to an endpoint/db with PHP backend. Today the plan is to start learning Express and Fetch OR Laravel. Have not decided yet. Anybody who can give me a hint what will be most useful for a frontend developer?


I don’t know what you mean exactly but Express and Laravel are used for server-side programming (Back-end). As a frontend Engineer, you’d use axios to interact with your API (data from your backend) and get the information to display for the end user on the browser.

Not sure if this gives you a hint, but feel free to ask further :slight_smile:


Yes, I know Axios and use it for connecting to db via PHP but think its good to know more about backend. The border between front- and backend is floating.

I have studied by myself a couple of years now and will have my first employment soon I think. I do not know how skilled you are but take a chance.

Here is a React app http://www.hakvik.se/react/#/contact I have built as an exercise, deployed on my live host, connected to a live mysql db with Axios and requests written in PHP. I got no errors in the console and everything looks okay but no data goes to the live mysql host. Not even empty rows. On localhost everything works perfect. Any hint would be appreciated!


To answer your specific question. If you are looking to gain employment as a front-end developer, I would suggest continuing to master the JavaScript language. You can pick up any front-end library or framework as long as you’re comfortable with the JS language.

If you are focusing on React, then the only way you’ll get better at React is to keep building things with it. Again, most of React is JS at the end of the day. It’s constantly evolving with new APIs so it’s difficult to tell you what to specifically learn next.

Some APIs or specific stuff you can probably focus on are ES6 features/apis, including working with promises and async/await. Destructuring is also good.


Employment-wise: most agencies are still stuck in php-land for their CMS’s.

Future-proof: A node stack.

Even if you’re still getting data from the backend via objects, you should be rewriting each page into a rest/graphQL API call as you go.


Thank you, all input is welcome. It looks that I am going in the right direction.