Work on Javascript Project together


Hello, I am looking for a coding buddy to work on a JavaScript project I have developed to the prototype stage :smiley:

About the project:

  • The project is a JQuery plugin that uses pure Javascript, no SPA libraries or typescript (however it might be nice to upgrade it to typescript). The current prototype is here:
  • The plugin allows people to build web content easily. Most likely users at this point would be web designers, artsy people. But because the library is portable the users would eventually be mobile app designers, prototypers, print media designers.
  • The plugin will have some cool features that I think would be fun to develop; an online app store/marketplace, RESTful services, creating cool modern web design widgets. I can elaborate about these more if we can chat.
  • The plugin code has been designed to be really easy to extend and add components so its fun to work on and extend (IMO - I built it). Although its not without its bugs and need for some code structure redesigns.
  • The project is almost sale ready so if you were to work on it you would also be part of the business (if it becomes one). The prototype is up and running and sale infrastructure setup.
  • If you get a kick out of good software design then it will be fun to work on. The software is designed to be extremely portable, CMS/website agnostic, reusable and lightweight. That design feature allows for many business opportunities aswell which I can elaborate on.

What I am looking for:

  • It would be great if you have some experience with Javascript before and possibly PHP.
  • Someone close to my timezone; Australia.

About me:

  • I’m in Sydney, Australia, always coding hobby projects but never have a coding buddy to work with. I’m lazy, which I think is a good attribute for a programmer, a lazy coder will spend an hour not having to redo something again which leads to reusable, cohesive code IMO.
  • Laid back, easy.

If you’re interested in working on this and think we have a good cross over of need please let me know :smiley: I’d love to show you the prototype as is and discuss the new features to develop.